Early Zoroastrian History

a. Zoroastrians have existed since around 2000 BC (Foltz 1) Zoroastrianism was the religion of the Persian Empire in the 500s, but Zoroastrians didn’t forcefully convert people they conquered (Shroff) At the time of the Persian Empire it was the largest empire that had existed (Shroff) b. In 651 AD the Arabs invaded Iran, and by 652 the last Zoroastrian king had died (Shroff) Zoroastrians weren’t necessarily “converted by the sword” but they had to pay the jizya tax because they weren’t Muslim (Foltz 1) Zoroastrianisms two branches are separated by who stayed in Iran and who left for India, the former called Gabars and the later called Parsis (Alcott) The Parsis left for India 936 AD and where allowed into the country, as long as they learned the native language and accepted some other terms, such as no longer owning weapons (Shroff) and c. Zoroastrians where prosecuted in Iran for 1300 years until 1925 (Shroff) but in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution Khomeini treated Zoroastrians much worse than the Shah had.

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